MySIS Solutions offers a cutting-edge student information system, built by professionals who work in education.

Key features include:

Intuitive and Flexible Design

Dynamic content management makes changing how your system works quick and easy. Manage all your templates in one location and generate document in bulk. Setup work flows that meet the needs of your institution, and never change your policies to meet the needs of your system... instead, change the system to meet your policy and compliance needs.

Report Builder and Interface

A report builder allows you to build your own reports in a user-friendly interface. No more query codes, no programming required. Build your own reporting templates and run them by the click of a button. Schedule your reports to have them arrive in your inbox based on your schedule.

Simple to Advanced Scheduling

Every institution is different. For that, we have three flexible schedule types and even a calendar to allow you to take your course scheduling from a simple self-paced model into a day-by-day course schedule.